Learn The Secrets Pros Use To Make Money On YouTube
This Book is for All Entrepreneurs Who Want to Build a Valuable Brand on YouTube
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The YouTube Gamer's Survival Guide is the book I wish existed when I first got started on YouTube. Complete answers to the questions we all have regarding starting, branding, promoting and monetizing a successful channel can be hard to find.
What this book will teach you
This isn't just a book of generic how-to advice for YouTubers. This is solid, no-nonsense branding, marketing and business knowledge designed to help you establish and promote your brand such that viewers will want to be a part of what you are doing. More importantly, this guide is not based just on my experience and expertise. It's based on the teachings of some of the smartest experts in business and on YouTube.
The 5 Most Important Tips:
  • Discover Your Niche - One of the biggest mistakes YouTubers and businesses owners I work with make is attempting to reach a broad audience.
  • Share Your Passion - You can't expect people to give you their time if you don't give them something valuable in return. This is easily the biggest problem that plagues stagnant YouTube channels.
  • Make Great Content - Great content is less about talent and more about learning to create videos that are valuable, distinct and consistent. I'll show you how to do all three in this section of the ebook.
  • Establish Your Brand - A brand is not just logos, banner graphics and slogans. A brand is a belief system. In this section, I will help you create your belief system.
  • Earn More Money - Adsense (ie. running ads on your videos) cannot be your only source of revenue if you hope to build a sustainable and substantial income as a YouTuber. Here, I'll show you more effective alternatives to Adsense.
I've read just about every ebook Amazon has on the subject of starting and building a YouTube channel. To be perfectly honest with you, I don't think any of them were bad. In fact, a few of them had some really good tips. Further, they are quite a bit cheaper than the YouTube Gamer's Survival Guide. However, all of them lack one vital component that lies at the core of why I wrote the YouTube Gamer's Survival Guide--Focus on YOU!
About The Author
Bryant "BC" Chambers
Bryant is the world's most passionate coach. He's coached everyone from soldiers and business owners to corporate professionals and fitness aficionados. 

BC believes everyone has the right to achieve the goals they set for their lives and careers.

With the YouTube Gamer's Survival Guide, BC has set out to help YouTubers overcome the hurdles that hold so many creators back from achieving their dreams. 
  • I've read it, and I'm mentioned in it. I highly recommend it if you're new to #Youtube (especially gaming).
    Welsknight Gaming
  •  feel a tremendous amount of relief because without a proper why, reason or purpose; something I'm passionate about would have no place on YouTube and this alone has made the EBook worth every cent to me. So thank you.
    Wolf Wraith
  • With the YouTube Gamer's Survival Guide I've been able to reach my first milestone of 3000 Subscribers in just the last 3 months!  
    The Jolly Mage
  • After reading your book, I've found it much easier to add value to my channel and I have a better understanding about how to use metadata to make my videos easier to discover in search. 
  • just got your e-book. Lots of great information. Thank you for giving us creators some great advice.
    dycraft gaming
  • This book doesn't play around, whether or not you're a gamer, if you are thinking about YouTube as a career, you need to read this book, It tells you what you need to do to succeed, and a lot of it is about your behavior.
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