Do You Want a Fulfilling Marriage Experience?
Let us share our secret to a lasting, fulfilling, and happy life together!
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A Fulfilling, Happy Marriage Is Not Just A Dream. It Can Absolutely Be Your Reality!
15 years ago, a very young man and a very young woman were praying and believing that God would lead them both to their soulmate. 

They had heard all of the horror stories about dating and marriage, but decided to have faith that a happy marriage as not only possible, but likely if they approached their relationships the right way.

These two eventually met one another and clicked instantly. They both had similar family situations and more importantly, they both shared the same faith and values. 

They began dating and a year later they were married with high hopes that their romance would remain strong for a lifetime. 

But then, life started throwing curve balls at them. War separated them for most of the first year of their marriage. The young man returned home lost and disconnected. The young woman worked very hard to connect with him and build the relationship they had originally set out to build. 

The young man struggled, but with help, was able to reconnect with his lovely bride and the world around him. 

Then the kids came, adding a layer of great joy, but also a layer of stress that no parent is ever truly prepared to embrace. 

Despite all these challenges, the young couple remains very happily married to one another and committed more than ever to live a life of true happiness. 

I'm sure you've figured out by now, that this young couple is my wife Myko and I. If you will let us, we'd love to share with you the road map to true happiness as a married couple that we've been building over the last 15 years. 
Our mission is simple: Help singles and married couples become whole individuals who are empowered to build healthy relationships that lead to happy marriages. 

We accomplish this mission in the following ways:

1. We help you understand that a healthy relationship starts with a healthy you.

2. We help you understand how to properly search for "the one" (Hint: there is no "the one").

3. We help you understand how to set the foundation for happy marriage from the beginning of your relationship.

4. We help you understand the principles that keep your marriage healthy and happy for a lifetime.

5. We empower you with a positive, yet realistic picture of marriage to help break the negative perception that surrounds it.

6. We help singles foster healthy relationships that can lead to a powerful marriage.

7. We help married couples further strengthen a healthy marriage or heal a broken one. 

8. We will discuss how to plan for having children.

9. And much, much more!

We do all of this by simply sharing our story and experiences. We'll share our ups, our downs, our victories and our defeats. Most importantly we will share our knowledge which has been built upon the knowledge of those much wiser than us. 

How The Program Works:

Every month, we'll release a new video for the group to watch and discuss on our private Facebook group. 

These discussions will go a long way to help you absorb and understand the video material allowing you to apply the principles to your life and relationships practically.

We will also post practical exercises to help you not only understand the material better, but to help you make the principles instinctual in your life.

VIP Program (Coming Soon):

VIPs will also get access to an additional live call once per month so that we can speak with you one-on-one to help understand your needs and desires in building your relationship.

If you are on our mailing list, you will get an email once we launch this program, so stay tuned!

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