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My Command Philosophy
You've fought to defend our freedom, now let me fight for you. 

As an Army Combat Veteran (or any public servant who's fought to save lives), you've already achieved a level of success in your career that most people only dream of. You've placed yourself in harm's way, fought, and bled for your teammates, your families, and friends back home.

I wholeheartedly believe that your sacrifice has earned you the right to enjoy a successful and fulfilling career after you take off the uniform. Every human soul has been placed on this earth with the authority to command their destiny. This truth applies to you more than anyone. I aim to give you the knowledge and tools to understand your destiny and carry it out. 
The Problem
Too many of us leave the battlefield with high hopes of finding a rewarding career only to find ourselves in organizations who don't share our values or understand what it means to sacrifice for other people. 

That's unacceptable! We of us took an oath serve selflessly and live by a creed where we refuse to leave behind a fallen or falling comrade. 

No one tells us this when we are about to separate from service. No one prepares us for the career twilight zone we are about to walk into. 

If you are reading this and you are not a combat veteran or a first responder, your challenge may seem less severe, but it still has the same roots. At our core, all of us were created by God to be in command of our destiny. To overcome circumstances and setbacks. Not to be overwhelmed by them. 

Perhaps you are looking to find a new career. One that suits your personality and your values. Rest assured, even if you haven't spent time carrying a ruck or a rifle, your problems are not that different from ours. 
My Solution
If we ever want to create a fulfilling career after the military that will allow us to serve the way we've been trained to serve, we have to know how to do it. 

General Sun Tzu said the professionals who themselves and knows their enemies will never be endangered in 100 encounters. In other words, if you know the right formula, you can't lose. 

I've had many mentors from military professionals to famous entrepreneurs share their success secrets with me. I've compiled these principles along with frameworks I've learned from my own experience to create this powerful 4-week program.

In the next four weeks, we will:

1. Strengthen your pre-existing success mindset and remove any limiting beliefs holding up your success.

2. Help you fully understand exactly who you are and where you belong as a professional.

3. Help you understand how to navigate, survive, and thrive in a foreign professional landscape

4. Help you use your problems and challenges as opportunities to succeed beyond your current circumstances

5. Help you build your competence and confidence in a new professional environment

6. Help you prioritize and execute on the actions that will get you the quickest and best results

7. Help you murder any fear that's been keeping you from living your dream

The best part about this program is that it will work for you no matter where you want to pursue your next career. Whether you want to work in Fortune 500 industry, non-profit organizations, or start your own company, you will be equipped with the best training you can find online. 
1 Single Payment of $497
What You Are Getting Access To Today
  •  4 Online Calls (100% Live) With Bryant Chambers And Other Members
  •   Weekly Action Plans To Help You Focus, Learn, and Take Command Of Your Life 
  •   Private Facebook Group For Collaboration And Ongoing Q&A Between Calls  
  •   Access To The 69 Pillars Of Success Program (Once It Launches) 
  •   Free Social Media Ninja Academy Access 
  •   Access To All Future and Past Live Coaching Calls 
  •  Bonus video materials to supplement your training
  •   Everything Included Is Backed By An 30-Day, ACTION-BASED Guarantee (You Must Take Action Before Requesting A Refund)
My Story
I'm a family man and entrepreneur who fights daily to leave the world better than I found it for my children and their children after them.
I've succeeded as a top-performing leader in the military, Fortune 500 business, and now in running my own company. With my company, I've helped millions of people across the world take command of their lives and their businesses.  
I created the Peak Performace Coaching Program because of one depressing night that I never want anyone else to live through. After years of battling depression, PTSD, and a loss of my sense of purpose, I briefly thought that my family might be better off having my insurance money than having me around taking up space.

This thought came after over 10 years of a successful career doing things in my 20s that most people don't accomplish in their entire lives.

I had become self-absorbed and unfocused. I had lost my way.
After a number of coaches and mentors loved me enough to help me out of that pit, I decided to pay it forward to every person who would honor me by taking time to watch my videos or hear me speak at an event.

My Peak Performance Coaching Program will give you the tools I used to rebuild and take command of my life. I would be honored if you'd allow me to help you do the same.
Over 5 Million people and counting have benefited from the coaching I do in-person and online. By joining today, you will become part of our movement to change the world. 
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