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Imagine Using Social Media To Enrich Your Life!
I know improving your life using social media may seem a bit far fetched. But think about it. Social media is not a fad or a quirky hobby for young people. It's the primary platform for how the we communicate with the world. In fact, social media is really just a buzzword we use to describe the current state of the internet. 

Think about it. We use Facebook to connect with family, old friends, and brands that we love. We use Instagram to enjoy the beauty the world has to offer through the pictures our friends share. We use LinkedIn as a career development platform. YouTube and Snapchat have in many ways become the television of our generation. Pinterest is where we geek out over cool things we or other people have made. We turn to Twitter to laugh at our favorite comedians or talk smack to our friends when our favorite sports team beats theirs.

Each social media platform offers a unique way for us to connect with the people we care about the most. If that's true, why is no one teaching us how to use these platforms to the fullest? 

Sure, marketers are selling courses to teach you how to grow your following or sell products to an audience. But why is no one teaching us how to use social media to spread powerful messages and connect with the people we care about in meaningful ways?

That's what I aim to help you do with the courses described here. 

Whether you want to become a social media influencer, use LinkedIn to build your career or business, or use Facebook to spread life changing messages or attract clients to your business. My goal with this Social Media Ninja Academy is to help you approach and master the social media platforms that are right for your life goals. 
YouTube Knowledge Programs
Join The YouTube White Belt Program
YouTube White Belt Program
You will be charged $47
This 5-hour course is designed to show you the exact steps to make a winning YouTube strategy and build your channel to avoid the pitfalls so many creators and entrepreneurs encounter when they first get started. 
Join The YouTube Green Belt Program
YouTube Green Belt Program
You will be charged $197
This crash-course video series has over 12 hours of video content made to help you grow your YouTube channel using the principles of search engine optimization or "SEO." If you want people to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel, you first need to understand how to help people find your videos. SEO is the key.
Join The YouTube Blue Belt Program
YouTube Blue Belt Program
You will be charged $497
The Blue Belt Program includes over 28 hours of video lessons showing you how to properly target an audience, how to build a winning YouTube strategy, and how make compelling and valuable content for your target audience. 
Join The YouTube Black Belt Program
YouTube Black Belt Program
The Black Belt Program (or the Business Builder) includes over 38 hours of lessons showing:

1. Existing entrepreneurs and small business owners how to use YouTube as a platform to increase traffic, sales and engagement.

2. Creators who are aspiring entrepreneurs understand how to build a business model around their creative genius. 

If you are interested in joining our Black Belt Program, contact us and let's talk about how we might be able to assist you in your current business strategy using YouTube - contact-at-clientsincoming-dot-com.
New Programs Coming Soon to the SMNA:
Facebook Fan Page Lessons
Instagram Lessons
Snapchat Lessons
Website Design Crash Course
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